5 Kitchen Makeover Ideas

In this day and age, kitchens are more than just a space where food is prepared and meals are served.  Today, kitchens are a central meeting place in the home where countless memories are made with family & friends.

Below are 5 kitchen makeover ideas that will help revamp your “tired” kitchen into a place where you, your family & all your guests will want to be:

  1. Add an Island:  Islands are a great place to gather around when company is over or just to have day-to-day conversation with your loved ones; they also are great place for additional seating if you would like to place high-top seats/barstools around them.  In addition, an island is a great spot to place food on, buffet style – be it for holidays, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc.
  2. Refacing:  Update your outdated kitchen cabinets simply by refacing them!  Whether it is in the house you have been living in for 30+ years or the house you recently purchased and the cabinets need a “facelift”; Factory Direct can help by providing professional advice on today’s popular trends and array of options to fit your needs.
  3. Pull-out Cabinets:  These types of cabinets have become extremely popular in the past 5-10 years.  They provide easy access without having to bury your head and half of your body into cabinets to find what you need!  Also, by installing pull-out cabinets in all of your base cabinets it will help maximize your existing storage space.
  4. Under Cabinet Lighting:  These types of lights are a great addition to any kitchen upgrade/renovation.  Under cabinet lighting it not only useful to people preparing meals, but it also provides a warm & welcoming feel to this very important room in the home.
  5. Add a Plate Rack:  This is a great way to display your plates (especially if they are colorful!) and will help free-up much needed cabinet space.  Plate racks can add a lot to the whole look and feel of your kitchen!

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