Remodeling Bathrooms Since 1991

Have you lived in your home for years and you’re thinking to yourself “I think its time to remodel our bathroom”. Or maybe you recently moved into a house that needs some work and one of the major projects is the master bathroom that needs to be remodeled. At Factory Direct, we have been specializing in just that since 1991 – helping our clients with bathroom remodeling projects. We offer our potential clients and clients suggestions and recommendations to make their bathroom exactly how they’re envisioning it. From color combinations to fixtures and new techniques and technologies, we can work with you to create your ideal space for your home.

Wondering what your options are if you choose to work with us? We’d love to hear from you and help. Simply fill out our Request Quote form, and let us know the details of your project and we’ll set up a time we can come out to your house and get the measurements we need. We also offer in-home consultation and design recommendations — all complimentary — sending out a professional designer during the initial planning stages of your bathroom project.

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