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If you’re like most South Florida homeowners, installing new flooring is a central part of your kitchen or bath remodeling project.

As modern designs continue to evolve, many consumers are opting for the warmth afforded by wood flooring or luxury vinyl plank flooring. In fact, due to its resilience, lower cost and waterproof features, vinyl plank flooring is becoming as popular as wood flooring.

Whether you prefer hardwood floors or vinyl plank floors, Factory Direct Renovations Group can offer you some of the best factory-direct pricing on flooring and installation.

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What’s the Difference Between Wood Floors and Luxury Vinyl Floors?

Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, it’s getting harder to tell the difference between real wood floors and luxury vinyl floors. Ultimately, the distinction comes down to design goals, durability and cost.

Solid Hardwood Floors – This flooring is made from a solid piece of wood and simply cut into planks, allowing the natural beauty to show through. Different finishes may affect the wood tone, shine and brightness.

Engineered Wood Floors – This flooring is created by joining multiple layers of wood for a stronger base, and then adding a veneer of a specific wood type on top.

Luxury Vinyl Floors – This flooring is 100% synthetic, made of ultra-durable PVC. Many of today’s popular styles come in the form of vinyl planks that look just like wood floor planks. However, vinyl construction also offers a wide range of formats, depending on the look you’re trying to imitate. For example, vinyl flooring that mimics the look of ceramic tile is available in square tiles. Vinyl flooring is also available in large sheets or rolls that are cut to fit the room.

Laminate Floors – Yet another flooring option, laminate flooring is a bit of a hybrid, with a core made of compressed wood, and a protective top layer made of hard durable plastic.

Luxury Vinyl Floors vs. Wood Floors

While slightly more expensive, a beautifully installed hardwood floor can be the marquis showpiece of your home. With proper maintenance, it can provide a warm and cozy retreat for your family for many years to come. Because it has multiple layers compressed together, an engineered wood floor offers more durability.

A solid hardwood or engineered wood floor may be right for you if you’re trying to achieve a very high-end design aesthetic in your home, or you insist on 100% natural materials. Wood floors may be a good option in spaces that are NOT high-traffic zones where kids and pets frequent, and if you are not worried about water damage.

With vinyl plank flooring, manufacturing technologies have improved to the point where the appearance is so close to real wood that many people just don’t realize it’s a vinyl floor. Vinyl plank flooring offers a very similar warmth and coziness, but at a lower cost with greater durability.

Due to its hearty construction, luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof and designed to resist stains. Once your vinyl floor is installed, it can last decades. This type of flooring is perfect for homes with kids and pets, as well as indoor-outdoor transition spaces, for example, a room where French doors open to an outdoor patio or pool deck. We also see many homeowners choosing vinyl plank flooring in bathroom renovations to achieve a luxury spa bath look, but with the peace of mind knowing that it’s waterproof.

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