Practical Kitchen Renovation Tips

In today’s day and age there are endless options and things to consider when taking on a renovation project in your home – particularly in the kitchen.  Throughout this blog we will provide tips on how to make your kitchen renovation a success with practical recommendations that will compliment your kitchen and help make this important and often stressful process, a smoother one.

  • Consider Color Scheme: It is important to pick this feature of your kitchen early on. If you have a smaller kitchen you will want to remember that darker colors make a room look smaller. We suggest using a softer shade of color if you have a smaller kitchen and incorporate natural light; this will help make the kitchen look and feel more spacious.
  • Consider the Right Height for the Appliances: You can determine the best location and height for your appliances based on who the chef is in your household and the amount of use kids will get out of your appliances as well. The appliance most used by kids and adults equally is the refrigerator and microwave. In general, placing the microwave 15 inches higher than the countertop level is a good rule of thumb. With refrigerators, keep in mind the height of the handles and weight of the doors.
  • Think Walkways: In general, walking paths throughout your kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide. However, in cooking areas it is recommended to widen the space a bit for safety to 42-48 inches wide depending on if you have one or two cooking appliances in the same area.
  • Consider Cabinet and Appliance Location: Think functionality. Make sure that when opening kitchen cabinet doors that there is enough space for them to open entirely, without hitting other cabinets or appliances in the process. On the same note, make sure you do not place appliances in corners of your kitchen.  By doing so it will make your kitchen less functional and may inhibit your ability to open other kitchen cabinets and doors, at the same time you are using your appliances.
  • What Purpose Does the Island Serve? Design and place your kitchen island appropriately, for its intended use. If your plan is to eat and cook at your kitchen island, make sure there is ample space between the island and the oven and stove top. Safety first!
  • Storage around the Range: If you cook a lot, it is important to keep shelving next to your range to store cooking oils and spices so they are within reach. You could even install hooks for cooking utensils and pots and pans. 

We hope the suggestions we provided were helpful and we truly appreciate you taking the time to visit our blog. To receive a no obligation consultation and quote for your next kitchen remodeling project in South Florida, visit our Request Quote page.


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