I’m so thrilled with my kitchen. The carpenter was a wonderful mechanic and spotless clean. He must have swept my kitchen 35-40 times in the process – you know a lot of dust and sawdust. Believe me, I would highly recommend them, and I’m awfully fussy. More than Bruce even knows. It’s just magnificent! Thank you Factory Direct.

Marlene T.
Boynton Beach, Majestic Isles

I have recommended Factory Direct several times. They offer a good product, and their designer Bruce was extremely helpful and responsive. Although we had some small issues toward the end of the project, everything was taken care of and the kitchen looks beautiful.

Juliene A.
Boynton Beach

They were wonderful. The designer Bruce and project manager Daniel were very responsive and Bruce’s design incorporated everything I was hoping for … the types of cabinets I wanted, the spacing between the cabinets and appliances, every detail. His design was exactly the way I had envisioned it.

Bruce even gave me guidance throughout our entire remodel. We didn’t just do the kitchen, we redid the floors and other parts of the house as well. His design advice was very helpful in pulling the whole house together along with the kitchen.

Factory Direct proved to be reliable and trustworthy. Any time I called, they called me right back. Every time they said they’d be here, they showed up. When I took the contract, they said the price they quoted would be the most I paid. And they held true to that, even though we experienced a few challenges with tile we wanted to keep but couldn’t; and our original waste disposal that didn’t fit with the new cabinets. They took care of it all without asking for another penny.

Contractors often neglect the details at the end of the job. Not Factory Direct. Not only did they take care of everything on my punch list, but they also made their own recommendations. Very professional. They were absolutely great.

Sandra R.
Boca Raton, FL

I was delighted with their work and I found them to be extremely patient answering questions, which I found very helpful.

Sally S.
Lake Worth

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