Why Now Is the Time to Update Your Kitchen, Bath or Home Office

How far did you travel today? If you’re one of the millions of Americans working from home on a regular or even semi-regular basis, your daily commute consists of walking from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room. Your home is not just the place where you sleep anymore, it’s often now the place where you work and play as well. 

Even as society gets back to normal, it’s clear that some things may never go back to the way they were. That means your home needs to suit your lifestyle. Luckily, this may be the perfect time to make the renovations you need and transform your home into the year-round staycation you deserve. 

Need a home office space to concentrate? Want a more functional kitchen for more frequent home entertaining? Have visions of installing a spa shower in your bathroom? Looking for an outdoor room to welcome guests safely? Factory Direct Renovations Group is ready to safely and swiftly complete your home remodeling project. 

Make the Kitchen Functional and Fun 

kitchen remodel

Are you spending more time in the kitchen these days? With kids frequently taking classes online due to virus outbreaks at school, and remote or hybrid work arrangements becoming the norm, the kitchen is busier and more crowded than ever. A kitchen remodel is a great opportunity to create more space and make it the true heart of your home. 

For example, you may want to knock down a wall to enlarge the room. For more storage, you might add a kitchen island. You can also build a custom pantry designed for your family’s needs, with slide-out pantry shelves. This is the perfect time to think about what will make your kitchen more comfortable, functional and fun for the entire family to cook and hang out together. 

Improve Your Home Office Space

home office cabinets

If you’re working from home without an office space, you may be uncomfortable and surrounded by constant distractions. That’s why it’s so important to create a home office that will help you focus and maintain a work-life balance. Anything from a nook in the kitchen to a spare bedroom can serve as the perfect space, so start imagining how you may want it to look and function. 

By adding custom cabinets and drawers, you can create a custom home office that blends seamlessly with the rest of your home. Not only can you enjoy the improvements, your coworkers can finally look at something other than your kitchen sink on the next Zoom call. 

Find Bathroom Zen

spa bath remodel

With family buzzing around the house more often than usual, you probably don’t enjoy much time alone. Here’s where a bathroom renovation steps in to offer the opportunity to unwind from the stress of the day. In fact, your bathroom might be the only room in the house where you find peace, so the last thing you want is to sit on your throne staring at outdated fixtures. You want this space to be your true sanctuary. Your home inside your home. 

Can you rearrange the footprint to add a more luxurious bathtub or shower? Do you want to change the color scheme to be a more calming palette? Do your hardware, cabinets, or tiles need replacing? Luckily bathrooms are smaller spaces, so you don’t have to invest much in materials to get a huge return in value. This allows you to splurge on higher-end goods. So go ahead and invest in the custom spa-like bathroom design you’ve always dreamed about. You deserve a little bathroom Zen. 

Outdoor Rooms Are In 

outdoor living space

Longing to invite guests over for an alfresco diner party? It might be time to renovate and upgrade your back yard or patio space. From outdoor kitchens that keeps the house cool to comfortable lounge spaces for hosting guests, the outdoor living space is the latest home design trend. 

Starting from square one with a patch of grass? Add visual appeal and functionality with a new pergola or gazebo. But to truly make the space feel like home, consider adding custom outdoor cabinets and storage that can withstand the weather. If you’re an outdoor cooking enthusiast, this is your time to shine by adding a fully functioning entertaining zone with a sink, refrigerator, wood-burning oven and more. 

Quick and Easy Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a great option to update any room with a brand new look. Refacing projects typically don’t require big demos or building permits, so there’s a lot less mess and inconvenience. Plus, the turnaround time is fast – the work is often completed within two days. 

With cabinet resurfacing, you can still increase storage by adding slide-out pantry cabinets or installing drawers. The only difference is refacing is much more affordable than completely replacing cabinets and faster as well. If you’re on a tighter budget, cabinet refacing gives you the flexibility to achieve the functionality and design you want for your home right now. 

Renovate Now

This is an unprecedented era filled with uncertainty, but there is one space you control: Your Home. This is your safe space to work and spend time with family so it’s vital that it reflects the lifestyle you want. Whether you want to refresh your kitchen, update your shower, create a new office, create an outdoor dining room or do all of the above, think about the ways you can transform home-life into a permanent staycation. 

Then contact our team at Factory Direct to schedule a consultation and remodel. Factory Direct is operating on all cylinders, moving safely and at full speed on all new and current projects. Call us today to make your home-improvement dreams a reality. 

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